{ Society often forgives the criminal; It never forgives the dreamer }

{Bitch. Jerk.}

hello again!!
hmm... i havent posted an entry in ages - so yeh...
btw - the tide of anger that was posted recently has passed... FOR NOW..
Lol!! sounds lyk a horror movi...
but anyways - i hav successfully been allowed 2 watch spn lately without Mum (quote) "Going off her ass" (end quote).
although i hav been going thru some other emotional battles lately - and still am - but that's life for ya...
i just think bout Dean and Sam and Cas and applefights, whenever i get pissed and stuf - and it helps - SERIOUSLY.
BTW if ya don't kno tha applefight story in spn then... pffft - you call yourself a fan?? JOKES.... these things happen i know...

any way - applefights....
well ya kno scarecrow - season 1 - introduction 2 meg... (ugh sunova...)
yes well apparently Jared & Jensen had loads of fun having applefights and turning that farm apple orchard thingy place into apple sauce during tha filming of that ep...
HA!! ya gotta luv em....

Writer's Block: RIP Michael Jackson
In honor of the King of Pop: What is your favorite Michael Jackson song?
My Favourite Michael Jackson song is undecided - i guess it's between Black or White, Thriller and Beat It. MJ was a legend... i hope that anything that may taint his memory can be forgotten for the sake of history...he was an inspiration and memorable icon for all generations. MJ will live on in every Red Leather Jacket, In every video clip and Song, in every dance. His talent is unforgettable. RIP... we won't forget.

Writer's Block: Regrets Only
Do you think that animals feel regret?
im not actualli sure, but when i saw this question i was reminded about that "Christian the Lion" thing...
hav you seen that video - because it is honestly SO TOUCHING - it shows how beautiful even the fiercest beast(tank)s of nature can be. btw - the lion is ma favorite animal.
ANYWAY BACK TO THE QUESTION - i was thinkin - ya kno mayb they do??


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